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Fewer American adults say they ate healthy all day “yesterday” in every month so far this year compared to 2012.

A Gallup and Healthways poll asks at least 500 Americans each day about their eating habits. Fewer Americans reported eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables at least four days per week in most months so far in 2013 compared with the same months in 2012. The only exceptions were March and October.

Healthy eating in June, July, August, and September declined by at least three percentage points from the same months in 2012. In most months this year, healthy eating has been at its lowest since 2008.

Healthy eating follows a seasonal pattern, gradually declining in the spring, improving in the late summer months, and then dropping significantly in November and December. The increase between December 2012 and January 2013 was 1.9 percentage points, which is lower than the usual New Year’s increase. May and June 2013 had larger than average declines.

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